Wonderful Tonight

broken strap!

this purse was supposed to last me throughout the month, or year, if you're funny like that. the candy apple red satchel/backpack hybrid i'm currently lugging around just begs for schoolgirl bunches and knee socks. neither of which are a feasible option at the moment - cue short hair and summer.

but oh! the love of my life is the yipyap-iest sheltie in the world and i get served dinner in bed every night so come on, get happy.

will write soon, or hopefully some time after the world ends.

postscript: snapshot from the (2nd!) most isolated city in the world. home is where no one else is.



I Can't Make You Love Me



 mmm... what to say after this prolonged absence? of course, i could be crude and pretend it was the lack of a social life to write about (final year of university does that to you, kiddies) but we all know better. procrastination and fear - my two favourite ice cream flavours. 

though really, nothing has changed. i still wake up with kohl fingerprints on my cheeks, all my lecturers want to know if i have always had such small handwriting. i regularly inhale a whole family sized pizza for dinner and feel mildly jubilant afterwards while my friends look on in embarrassment awe. nearly forgot to mention the never-ending stream of parcels (online shopping is a drug) and the not so jubilant after. afterwards? 


 actually, that would be about it. oh sure, there are the tedious new additions to my daily routine; simmering galaxies for nails (might post pictures!), a rambunctious and seemingly insomniac slip of a Sheltie puppy, this keyboard/synthesizer that almost abates my crooked heart's desire for love. i say almost because another chasm made its home between my ribs after the (UNFAIR!) cancellation of csi:miami. to that i say, what is so good about new york?

in all seriousness, it's [i am] still that same work in progress i was talking about a year ago. the brief sojourn into desolation city never did turn out how i had envisioned - i've been sad for so long that this [desperately sincere] endeavour entailing half a dozen avocado and rocket sandwiches, a trip to an aquarium, more latenightbusrides! and a finally organized shoe collection; it's a pretty cute distraction. distraction without a capital d, because my mind wanders. 

 but to wonderfully normal things sometimes! electric mice, hem lengths and whatnot in place of cimmerian tendencies. really! notice though, that i said sometimes. me being me, driae being driae - that sometimes goes a long way. 

very briefly now, the list of things since the brisance of almost a year ago. 

 boxes upon boxes of palm sized coruscant glass bottles that will most certainly be the source of much solace [and subsequently, grief] in these coming days. haloumi burgers! blue ringed octopodes, stuffed. patricia wentworth and jessica fletcher. wearing a too short dress out in a storm because i can. 

how short is too short anyway? 

remember how i wrote earlier. moving, not moving on. although each bitter riposte i spit at my growing optimism may cut deep, i want this. making lists, crossing words off. somethings add up to everything; i'm sleeping in a grey sweater tonight and it might just fill up that cordate breach within my chest. 

by the by, i haven't been reading blogs since i gave up on mine. caught up on a few recently and oh. kiddies, don't grow up too fast. finding yourself in college is overrated. no one i knew did. looking back, i guess we didn't really need to, anyway.