Orpheus & Eurydice





i have waited at the gates
crossed bridges
and the quietest rivers
all with the false hope
wasted optimism
that you would find me
child of light so unfairly dimmed
take me home
if i could forsake the seeds
why did you choose to turn?


mournful, i walked
deeper, farther, than i
ever did wander before
erinyes and six eyes wept
i plucked these strings until
my fingers bled
safe in the knowledge that you were
there behind me
your face unshadowed, the slightest
i loved you too much


my best friend died yesterday. i don’t know what else to say. nothing makes sense anymore. i wrote this nonsensical prose based on greek mythology before i found out, but it seemed fitting somehow. i just wanted to give her one last present. i just wanted to say goodbye.

i love you.


Don’t Go

heartbreak is heartbreak
no matter the reason
one way or another
you always make me cry
and i
stupid as only i can be
will love you still
nothing else ever hurts this much