Your Smile


i’m done with my exams! every question i answered drained away a little bit of my soul, so you’ll have to excuse this empty shell for not blogging with much enthusiasm. will deffo make it up in one way or another as soon as i can. a huge thank you to everyone who reads my blog. i’m amazed you’re still here.

am still trying to catch up on all that sleep i missed – subsisted on about 8 hours of sleep for a whole week – but have been doing some serious shopping, with serious in this context meaning necessities, not some aggressive form of credit card swiping. that’ll come as soon as i get the energy back.

the 5 hour flight was a real killer though; terrible food and loads of turbulence. Hansel and i sat next to each other, so it wasn’t too boring. i bought this little stuffed sheep at the duty free for company. it is the most adorable thing ever, and it even bleats. spent ages messing around with it on the plane, much to the amusement of the flight attendants. the in-flight movie selection was utter crap though. that justifies my bout of childishness [hopeful].

now i’m going to eat my weight in my brother’s homemade pumpkin pie and watch the final episodes of Project Runway’s Season 7. so not digging Mila. love Jay. love Seth Aaron. loved Maya, wish she hadn’t left.

the boy says hello btw. turns out he did miss me after all. :) nomnomnom.






your face is all i can remember from that last night. not the colour of the car i got into, not the flavour of ice cream they bought me, not the time i had to leave by; i don’t wear a watch so i’m sure i was late anyway. just your face, the way you looked when i walked away. i felt so sure that if i had listened hard enough, i would have heard the sound of a heart breaking.

have you ever heard it? it’s not glass shattering or paper being torn to shreds or a scream that never seems to end. merely the sound of air, cold air, rushing in to fill the space left behind in the cavity of your chest. that’s all it is. no sudden epiphany to tell you that you’re so screwed. just silence that can’t be broken.

it’s june now. my hair’s grown longer, there’s a new scar on my right knee and i still have that “stunted” sneeze. i wonder if you miss me.