went for pizza and the wonderful boy there upgraded me to a large again! i think i may be falling in love with him. the only problem now is managing to eat the whole 8 slices by myself. no one else likes roasted pumpkin and spinach as toppings. i have a refrigerator but no microwave. and i hate cold pizza. sigh… i’m probably going to have to pull an all nighter to finish it. hahahahaha as you can see, food is pretty important to me.

also realized that my sleeping position is constant since my eyeliner leaves traces in the same spot on my upper arm every night. my mother says it isn’t good for you or something, but she can’t explain why. can anyone else?

i am very grateful that my friends put up with my erratic behaviour and have not attempted to murder me in my sleep. i’m generally a happy person but in the past year or so, i’ve been finding it hard to maintain that outlook on life. i think loving people i shouldn’t have has screwed me up and over entirely. does that make sense? i need to understand that letting go is ok.

but on to happier things. besides visiting the loveliest pizza place in the world, i’ve also managed to procure a pair of bright sugar pink shoes for 5 dollars! they’re flats with a t-strap, and i foresee many happy days centred around them. am also very pleased to announce that my facial scrub arrived and it is as good as it claims to be. my books are slowly being dispatched, and two have already made their way into my hands.

and this weekend is going to be solely dedicated to shopping. after all, it’s the start of a new month, my bank account has been replenished and i am in serious need of de-stressing after the barrage of tests this week has been. so gross. one of my classmates nearly fainted during our human anatomy lab. she got freaked out by the preserved human pelvic girdles and the smell was really nauseating. she had to be half carried out and given a wastebasket to throw up in. i think my demonstrator found my lack of discomfort unnerving though, she kept shooting me looks while she was manhandling a uterus. [sorry if you were eating and happened to read this, just avert your eyes]

ok, i’m going to grab my water bottle and make a run for the fountain now. it’s 11 degrees and pitch black outside but hopefully i’ll make it back alive. my neighbour’s still awake (it’s 5:30 in the morning, why are we so insane?) so maybe she’ll come looking for me if i end up freezing to death.


You Forget So Easily


hello loves! just so you know, i haven’t neglected my blog on purpose. i keep typing out posts and my computer crashes each time so i can’t be bothered anymore. i’ve been super busy with assignments, juggling a bit of budget balancing and various other little annoyances. but i did manage to find a little time to go to the beach! during which i got really sunburnt despite lathering on the sunscreen and staying in the shade while everyone else splashed around in the water. spf 30 just doesn’t cut it when it comes to my skin.

i’ve also been on a bit of an organic kick lately when it comes to beauty products. my shampoos and conditioners are always organic but i’ve just swapped to an all natural skin care line. so far i can’t see much of a difference (except in my bank account T___T) but i’ve only been using them for two weeks. i’m going to give them a bit more time. although i’m going to tentatively say that my pores have reduced in size by a little.


hopefully i’ll be able to get my bubble tea tomorrow. i love love love bubble tea, it’s my newest addiction. funny how i never paid any attention to it before but i can’t get enough of it now. my favourites are the sesame and jasmine milk teas. with no pearls. my friends think i’m insane for liking healthy flavours. mean!

and yes, i am one of those people who actually love eating food that make others go ick. back home, my mom bought me beetroot oatmilk and black sesame powder to mix into hot milk. we had wild rice and millet dumplings, sprouts on our sandwiches; stuff like that. it’s probably because my parents were huge health freaks. one of their top ten rules – no white bread in the house. and heaven forbid i open a can of soft drink in front of them.

oh, i just remembered! i put in an order for a facial scrub and some books online. i feel like a child waiting for christmas to arrive. this is the first time i’m buying stuff for myself off the internet. the only other items i’ve purchased are vitamin pills for my dog and some new fangled gadget my dad wanted to use on his phone. hopefully they get here by monday!

i know this entry looks super jumbled up and kind of gross as well but when i’ve got the time (and the stable internet connection!), i’ll try to post something nicer. i’m off to edit my human anatomy essay. remember people, plagiarism is a no no.