The Walls Are Coming Down


there is something to be said about my absentmindedness when i nearly walk out the door dressed in only a t-shirt and my underwear. it’s times like these when i hate living in a residential college. someone’s always hogging the bathroom, the numerous voyeurs when your doors or windows are open for fresh air and the block parties. oh those block parties. you don’t realize how disruptive they are when you’re a part of them, but the minute someone else throws one – hello aspirin, goodbye sleep and early morning lectures.

but hey, it’s a new experience and i should be happy for many things. i’m so glad that i live within walking distance of university, cause i like sleeping in. it gives me those thirty or so extra minutes of sleep that i seem to need so badly. you can usually see me braiding my hair while sprinting to my first class on most weekdays. i will never learn.

i’m also really grateful for the excellent public transport here because it’s really easy to get around. i hopped on a bus to the market district the other day with a few friends and we got fresh fruit. this may seem like such a boring thing to most people but let me tell you, it was one of the highlights of my week. having my social life dwindle to a mere fraction of what it once was is a sobering thing.

which brings me to the other highlight of the week – pizza and movie night with the girls at an outdoor theatre. i was starving because i’d not eaten all day and was dangerously near to attacking the rest of the group. when i went to claim my order, the lovely lovely pizza boy smilingly said that he’d upgraded me from a small to a large pizza for no extra cost because they’d run out of the 10 inch bases. ZB says he was lying because the two orders after mine were smalls as well, but who cares. i am so giving him a huge tip the next time we go there. people can be so wonderful.

and now i am eating blueberries and the best chocolate chip cookies ever. later, i am going to read my ngaio marsh book, then study for my human anatomy quiz. fun fun fun!

here is a picture of a super cute bunny. have a great weekend!



Ebb Tide


stuff 052

anemone, you kissed
the tips of my fingers, the
of my jaw
a heartbeat ebbing away
beneath your breath
grey ash
sweet and burnt and poisonous
anemone, you kissed
me goodbye and you cried
into an orange sleeve
eleven floors i ascended
then more
and i was nothing
i was, we were

i wrote this on a plane, 3 hours away from a boy whose eyelashes are longer than mine. it fell onto the floor while i slept, and the lady in front picked it up to read. she gave it back to me and patted my hand. she told me i wasn’t the only one who had to leave love behind, and then she smiled sadly.

this shitty prose meant so much more because she understood. because someone knew what it was like.