A Promise


yesterday was a dreamless sleep
the first time in years, i think
but i woke up crying and breathless
grasping at the empty space beside me
this is it
i’m alone now
and it’s all my fault



Sweet Disposition



so i’m here, far far away. it’s still the same stupid cliché but i really did leave my heart behind. torn into tiny shreds, divided unequally amongst the people i love. today i walked barefoot on grass, laughed at a duck and read secret confessions from a bathroom wall.

it was actually quite fun. we snuck out of a lecture on road safety + city transport and hopped on a bus to the city for boba milk tea. i opted out of pearls this time but i regret it a little now. they’re fun to chew, those bubbles.

it’s different here though. i’m struggling to adapt to everything. sometimes i wish i could go back, but…

like i said, i’m growing up. slowly, but surely, i’m growing up.