Good Times Gonna Come



so the new year is only two hours away, and i couldn’t be more apprehensive. it is a shiny calendar of white squares, ready to be pencilled in with importants and don’t forgets and happy birthdays, a symbolic rebirth of a generation (according to RJ), and a reminder that i am getting older. we all are. some of us are just less enthusiastic about it. like me, in case you missed it. since i’m so subtle and all.

but negativity aside, i am glad that 2009 is almost over. it was a difficult year so i’m trying to put it behind me and move on, which i’m sure 2010 will help with. my dad bought me a jade pendant for good luck, and i’ll be putting it on at the stroke of midnight. i just thought it’d be a nice way to start off the new year. i was going to wear the green dress i got two weeks ago but i thought it’d be overkill. i think i haven’t dressed up in so long that i’m grabbing at every tiny opportunity to do so. i am going to wash my hair in a while though, to look good under the glow of the fireworks hahahahaha. no, seriously.

oh, i forgot about resolutions. i make these promises to myself every year and only keep two of them on average. yeah. i am brilliant, obviously. but this is going to be different [holds head high while inspirational music plays]. ok so maybe not, but the most important thing is to always be happy. that’s my resolution for this year. everyone should be happy. happy happy happy! although if your idea of happiness involves self mutilation, world destruction or anything along the lines of making someone else suffer, then i’m not talking to/about you.

in case you’re wondering, i plan to usher in 2010 by playing mystery case files: dire grove on the pc while watching the fireworks display from my apartment window. i decided not to go up to lookout point with the 11s so i could spend a bit more quality time with my family before i leave for university. that and the fact that my dad doesn’t trust GV’s driving, so he told me not to go if i valued my life. it’s been thunderstorming a lot recently and they are driving up a goddamn mountain so i got what he was trying to say.

here is part of my new year’s eve playlist. i’ve been listening to jose gonzalez’s heartbeats on repeat lately. i used to think it was quite boring but now i find it so sweet and charming. and i know everyone is raving about phoenix’s lisztomania, but i much prefer countdown. which is such a perfect song for the actual new year’s countdown. how about that eh? also, i’m not sure if you’re someone who enjoys really loud headboppy music, but you love her coz she’s dead is brilliant for when you just want to dance around in your room while no one is watching. i recommend bloodlust and superheroes. my brother says it’s pokemon on acid because of the beeps and boops in the background. i think they call it 8-bit, it’s got a lot of sounds that feel very videogamey. yeah. that’s a real word.

happy new year everyone! i hope it brings you much happiness and joy and wonderfulness! i love all of you!





new layout! i just wanted something happy and simple [and childish, as RJ would say] so this is the end result. since i’m terrible when it comes to html and stuff, i’m always a bit jealous of people who manage to tweak their blogs into pretty works of art, like fact not fiction. the gods of talent have forsaken me once again.

so christmas is almost here and i’m quite excited because i love seeing the fairy lights go up everywhere and hearing happy happy songs instead of rubbish like the jonas brothers and justin bieber. sad story, i thought justin bieber was a girl when ‘one time’ first popped up on the radio. i do think he’s super cute in the awwww i want to pinch those cheeks way, but that’s the only thing he’s got going for him. anyway, like i was saying before i digressed, i love christmas songs! my favourites are hark the herald angels sing, ave maria and the first noel! it’s really fun to sing along while you’re shopping. i was choosing books the other day and 12 days of christmas started playing in the background. this little boy and i were the only ones humming along. where is everyone else’s christmas spirit?!

oh, and if anyone wants to get me a christmas gift, i’d like these please.


1894_09 super pretty crayons!


il_430xN.110884206 i love the anne of green gables series so this diary is wonderful!


skirt!!!this might just be the skirt of my dreams. sequins and shiny things in general make me happy!


that is all. have a holly jolly christmas and [in case i don’t blog by then] a very happy new year! i hope 2010 is loads better than 2009 was. i’m going to start writing down my resolutions while i’m still in the mood. enjoy the rest of the year while it lasts everyone!



Me Versus You

so my mother got sick of watching me imitate a corpse on the couch and decided to bring me shopping. scratch that, she forced me into my jacket and dragged me into the car while i was half asleep.

i should thank her though because i ended up buying three pairs of shoes today [cue huge excited eyes], one of them being a pair of heels! not the sexy stiletto kind. they’re oxford heels.

this is the best picture i could find that most resembled the ones i bought. except mine are cut lower in the front [more toe cleavage. i hate that phrase] and aren’t as dark.

since i’m a sucker for punishment, i tried on a pair of 4 inch pumps in one of the shoe stores. well actually the store didn’t seem to have anything with a lower heel, but i thought i’d be fine. huge mistake. i swayed violently and nearly fell into a display cabinet even though all i hadn’t even taken one step. that’s right, i couldn’t even stand in them. the saleslady was nice enough to offer some assistance while some random woman hovered nearby and made snarky comments about me to her daughter.


saleslady: perhaps a smaller size? are your feet sliding in place?

me: no. these fit fine. i just can’t stand in them. [laughs nervously]

random woman: [stage whispering] why would she want to wear heels if she can’t even stand in them? she’s waiting to break an ankle.

saleslady: perhaps different shoes? these are more comfortable [gestures to a hideous pair the colour of ceiling mold] and i think the heel height isn’t as bad.

me: umm no. anyway, i’m looking for something less casual. i need to wear these for an internship.

random woman: anyway, it’s not like she needs heels. she’s tall enough. girls these days just want to look sexy for their men. she won’t look so sexy when she falls down. you are lucky that you know how to walk in heels.


umm… if i don’t buy a pair, how will i learn to walk in them? and didn’t i say that they were for an internship? i’m not looking for “come fck me” heels, as some women call them. i hate it when people assume that the only reason i do certain things is to look good for my boyfriend. or guys in general. it seems to happen a lot though.


hey D, you cut your hair!

yeah! what do you think?

it looks good. the boy likes it better at shoulder length, does he?

huh? i…

that’s why you cut your hair, right?


is that jason mraz?! i love his songs! especially details in the fabric and bella luna!

oh, doesn’t the boy like those songs too? no wonder they’re your favourites.

At wits end


my existence is not defined by my significant other, and neither are my choices. is it so weird to want to look good for yourself? RJ hates the colour pink on girls, and he told me so the first time we met. does that mean i gave up wearing it? no, it’s my favourite colour. besides, i cannot afford to buy a whole new wardrobe every time someone makes a disparaging comment. this applies to everything else in life. i am only open to change when it betters me for me. if you tell me i stink cause i haven’t had a bath [this is just an example, i smell nice on a daily basis. really. Batting Eyelashes], i won’t mind, and i’ll probably run off to the showers in shame. however, if you tell me you hate my perfume because you don’t like the smell of strawberries, you’re insane if you think i am going to stop wearing it. granted, i’ll try not to put it on when i know you’ll be around, but i am not throwing it out. neither am i going to seek your approval the next time i buy a fragrance.

yeah. that was a longer entry than i expected. i should probably end this here now. have a nice day!



Lay Back And Shoot Stars


i have another blog, one that’s just for family and friends to keep track of my life. my brother tagged me to reveal 8 things about myself there that not many people know, so i thought i’d post something like that here as well. since i haven’t been very inspired by anything else lately and all. heh.


so here are 8 random facts about me!


1. my second toe is slightly longer than my big toe. on both feet. apparently this means i’ll be the domineering one in my marriage. hahaha really? i don’t know if that’s a good thing, cause i’m more of a follower when it comes to my friends.

2. when i’m stressed, i like to blow bubbles out my window, and pretend that all my troubles are little people sitting on each bubble, floating away into nothingness.

3. my favourite animals are foxes, kiwis, and jellyfish.

4. i only have two moles [or beauty marks/spots, whatever you want to call them] on my face,and they’re both under my left eye, exactly like this.


mr. narumi from alice academy


except that the top one is just as small as the bottom one. my brother used to watch this anime and when he realized this similarity, he said he understood why i acted like a real cartoon character sometimes. mean.

5. my favourite section at the bookstore is the children’s section, especially the shelves with fairy books and nancy drews.

6. it’s safe to say none of you have ever seen my handwriting, but everyone who has says it’s wonderfully neat and tiny. personally, i don’t think there’s anything super nice about my handwriting. to give you a rough idea though, it is the same size as this type [maybe slightly smaller], and i write in print, not cursive. this saddens me, because i think cursive handwriting is beautiful. plus, my second grade english teacher used to say that print is for little kids and cursive is for adults. Sadmaybe one day i’ll show you a sample of it.

7. i am terrible at gambling, especially when i’m high, because then i’ll blow every bit of money i have recklessly. i am however, good at the card game bullshite. it is all the more remarkable when you take into account the fact that i never lie throughout the game, not because i don’t want to, but i just cannot lie to save my life.

8. my wardrobe is colour coordinated, right down to the clothing hangers [blue dresses with blue hangers, white dresses with white hangers] and my books are arranged in an elaborate system according to genre, author and personal rating. however, my hair is always a mess. whee for selective OCD-ness!


i tag whoever wants to do this, but let me know because i want to see your 8 random facts!!!



Too Too Too Fast


today’s blog post will be a happy one because i really really need the distraction. can i do it? yes i can!

my old classmate (and by old i mean former, although he does act like he’s a 74 year old man on occasion) IY messaged me to ask if i wanted to watch a movie, and i started foaming at the mouth about fantastic mr. fox and how awesome the trailer looked. he laughed and said that he’d expected something along the lines of New Moon, because all his female friends were going crazy about it. i rolled my eyes three times and told him that i wasn’t a fan. then came the series of messages.


IY says: r u srs? u don’t like twilite/newmoon? smile_omg

D says: yeah. i read the first book and didn’t like it. a friend and i watched twilight online and laughed the whole way through. honestly, there is no reason for me to sit through new moon!

IY says: wat bout robert patinson? all d girls here r all HE’S SO HOT OHHH DAT BELLA IS SOOO LUCKY!!!!

D says: oh please. he’s not my type.

IY says: lol then wat is? who i mean. oo maybe 1 of the hp guys?

D says: yes!

IY says: who? which 1? lemme guess… da guy who plays hp, daniel something.

D says: grosssss!

IY says: lol! ok, draco malfoy?

D says: tom felton? no.

IY says: red haired guy?

D says: smile_teethrupert grint is cute too!!!

IY says: too? means dere’s some1 else as well. giv up. who?

D says: alan rickman!!! *fangirls insanely*

IY says: who?

D says: he plays snape.


D says: but but but… i think he’s just perfect. his voice is like hot chocolate and he’s so dignified and wonderful and his looks get better with age like a fine wine!


D says: he’s not that old. smile_sad

IY says: HE’S LIKE 50! smile_sick

D says: 63 actually.

IY says: WTH did u hit ur head on somethin? nt old. ya rite. 63 is old and hes old nd he’s not sexy.

D says: smile_sad



i still think alan rickman is super attractive, mainly because of his voice. honestly, why do all the guys here not have a voice like that? am i being too demanding when i say that the man i marry should sound like alan rickman or jeremy irons? preferably the former. sigh… i am going to grow old alone, aren’t i.