Hunting For Witches

I'm learning a new language! This is so exciting, and I hope I can keep up the effort, because my slacking tendencies are very strong these days. By the way, I'm not just learning how to speak it, but the written word as well. Am I overly ambitious or what?

I've noticed that I post significantly lesser during the beginning of the year as compared to the end of it. Maybe it takes me a few months to get back into the flow of balancing studies and leisure time. How sad is that? Especially since most of the interesting things in my life happen somewhere around this time.

A friend of mine just broke up with his girlfriend, and he kept emphasizing that he was the one who called it off. Now he's my friend, so I'm on his side, but I can't help feeling that he's acting a little too douchebaggy in this matter. Must dig deeper and find out what really happened.

I'm going to hit the books now, literally. I feel like smacking every single one of my Biology texts, because there's a surprise surprise test tomorrow. Whee. My teacher has no pity whatsoever for us.

P.S. I'm working on getting a camera so I can actually snap some pictures to put up, instead of having wordy posts. Obviously I'm still not going to be showing pictures of me or anyone I know here, but I feel like documenting the little things in my life - the food I eat, the clothes I wear etc.


Fainting In The Dead of August

This is my 200th post. That was fast. Or maybe I'm floating in a slow time zone again. Anyway...

I know you're probably sick of me breaking the same resolution over and over again, but I swear, the mother was the one who made me go shopping. The sweaters were dirt cheap (what does dirt cost?) and she kept reminding me that my cardigans were too thin for the cold lecture theaters, so I got a few. And some dresses. And a shirt. And a really beautiful peacock brooch.

Then the mother berated me for not sticking to the budget. What?! Well, now I know where my memory lapses come from. Inheritance, I love you so.

I've got another Biochemistry test tomorrow, and a super boring lab session. Note to self, wear proper shoes so I can spend the lesson doing work instead of hiding my feet (ballet flats!) from lecturers.

I feel like I'm forgetting to do something, but I can't remember what. Hmm... I wonder if it's got to do with college.


Don't Stop To Think

Today was an all-sorts day. My results breakdown is quite terrifying. I'm going to have to sweat blood to maintain the A's. I can't believe I'm thinking this, but I should study more.

I had a good lunch and NV gave me some really thoughtful advice. It does help when you let someone else know about your problems (the ones that aren't too personal).

Also, it makes me really happy when you remember the things I say. Even when I don't. I'm going to try harder at this, really.


It Frustrates Me

all i'm saying is
if you make me this sad every single time we talk
you're probably not the best person to have in my life

two weeks from now
maybe you'll have changed
like you always promise to
(i doubt it)
but we're better off not talking anyway