Love Is A Place

'D'you like to sing?'

umm... i'm not very good

'But do you enjoy it?'

with the doors and windows closed, in my own room
i do, i love to sing

'I know. I'm glad.'

This conversation led to me writing out a list of songs I'm currently addicted to, which proved to be really hard because I'm always jumping from one to another. Sometimes I have the same song on repeat for days. Other times, I'm listening to a song I loved from a while back.

Still, here's the list.

City and Colour - The Girl
Stars - The First Five Times
Lydia - Now The One You Once Loved Is Leaving
M83 - Graveyard Girl
Jason Mraz - Bella Luna

I'm probably never going to be good enough to sing in public, but I'm not tone deaf, and I can carry a tune pretty well. If singing makes me happy, then I'm going to keep on singing no matter what.


Metronome Arthritis

I'm done cleaning my room! I managed to cram all my books into two bookcases (and five large cardboard boxes), and my clothes are pretty much organized according to colour, occasion and preference. Finally.

If you couldn't tell, cleaning my room and keeping it organized is pretty much an obsession with me at times. I like my books to be sorted by genre, alphabetically and personal ratings. The same goes for everything else - stationery, accessories and whatever else I own. My friends and family like to call it OCD, but I prefer the term 'put together and precise'.


Some Are White Light

so this is what it feels like


Hard To Explain

So my AS results are back and...

I am very happy! All that worrying was for nothing! I owe my friends and BB so much love for never slapping me even though I was being a huge baby and emo-ing all the time. Congrats loves, for your excellent results as well!

And Emms, I know you worked super hard for this, even harder than all of us. You should take pride in how much effort you put in. There's still the A2 papers, and you shouldn't give up just yet.

Am very busy buying new clothes to celebrate, and I've gotten new shoes! All flats, as usual, but I am considering a nice pair of heels to start off with again. Everyone tells me that balance is earned through hard work. And by balance, I mean poise and grace and elegance and everything that I do not personify.

Is this not turning out to be a good year? I'm halfway through fulfilling some of my resolutions. Will let you know which ones. Obviously the one about spending less on clothes has gone down the drain. Oh well.

So it's off to cleaning out the room again. There is so much junk in there, you cannot imagine. I found tops I've never seen before in my life, and an old friend (GennyB, short for Generic Bear a.k.a. Princess Bear, the worst name ever!). She goes into the wash immediately!


Broken Slide

College is ridiculous. I'm trying to get back into the regular pace of running from class to class while carrying books that weigh as much as my legs. Charming.

Will update as soon as I get a spare half hour to myself on the computer that doesn't involve hunting down pictures of the cortex or solutions to differential equations.


Olive Branch

So I think resolutions should be made whenever necessary, and not just at the start of a new year, but I'm pretty stoked to get going so I'm going to think of a few.

- Eat healthy and exercise
Super important because I'm the queen of laziness and junk food.

- Pay attention in class and try to get good grades
Self explanatory. I have the attention span of seaweed or something. If you don't get it, this means I can't concentrate for even a second most of the time.

- Save/earn money
I think I spend too much. Enough said.

- Get more clothes and wear what I love
Wonderful. This contradicts the previous resolution but whatever.

- Read more informative and beneficial books/magazines
Because I'm always flipping through kiddy books and mysteries. Not good.

- Be more patient and kind
I think I'm losing the ability to sympathize with others. Where is the empathy?

- Get closer to my family and friends as well as try to be a better daughter/sister/friend
Also needs no explanation.

- Stop procrastinating!
OMG here is my biggest flaw. And I will defeat it, I will.

I'm sure I will come up with many more, but I'm going to stop here because it's really really late.