Two weeks ago, I wrote this in my diary:

so i think i'll be going to college in a while,
even though i don't want to.
i mean,
i haven't really had a proper holiday in ages,
and i've worn myself out so much.
i guess i'd just like to have a little more time to myself.

i'm sure they'll understand if i tell them, right?

One week ago, I signed up for college. And I've~

made new friends
spotted people I've never liked
pretended to get along with everyone
bounced between four cliques
left campus to go shopping and do lunch
been bossed around
amazed everyone
made every teacher smile
wondered if I'm doing the right thing

I'm really happy that I'm being productive, but I'm pretty scared that I might not be able to cope with everything I've piled onto myself. We had a language evaluation exam the first week, and only 2 dozen people qualified for the Advanced English and General Paper course. Which just goes to show you that they take their language very seriously here, and I don't want to screw this up. I feel so stupid whenever I step into the class.

A haiku we composed during math:

Parabolic curve
Has roots but sometimes they are

New Year's Eve was really fun. I convinced my parents to let me stay with BB, because she owns an apartment in the middle of the city. We used to own one in the same building, but we sold it. Anyways, we trawled the streets because it was a really lively part of town, and the celebrations were full on by the time we met up with our gang for dinner.

And this was the first time I was out unchaperoned, in such a volatile and dangerous place. I thought I'd hate it, but I didn't. I loved it. I got sprayed with so much foam (and one little boy appeared out of nowhere, doused me, then fled), nearly lost my way in the crowd and laughed until I cried. It was pretty scary at first, but then the guys made sure I was safe, so it was fun. When we got back, we played poker the whole night before passing out. The next day was spent eating and catching up and shopping. It was the best time I've had in ages...

Was your New Year's celebration fun? I hope it was!

I'll be really busy with college but I'm sure I'll find time to blog after I manage to get my schedule fixed. See you then loves!