You Could Be Happy

Mommy says that when she's better, she's taking me shopping cause I look like a survivor of some horrible disaster. I don't have to point out that she exaggerates like 200% of the time, but I do need new clothes that don't hang off my frame and need to be held up with bobby pins because my belts don't work.

Ohmygoodyness cannot wait for shopping!


Did you know that I have two boyfriends? Well neither did I. Some of the geniuses that are my form mates have come up with the brilliant theory that I'm dating two guys at once. It would be hilarious, if not for the fact that everyone's been asking me if it's true. Like hello... I find it hard enough to deal with just one relationship. Two would be pushing it, don't you think?

People should learn to keep their mouths shut. By the way, the harbinger of bad news this time was J, so I've learned that life can be predictable. Seeing her smirk happily as she informed everyone of my sordid trysts with my "loves" was vomit inducing, to say the very least. I don't even see what she has to be excited about; no one's ever expressed any ounce of interest in that fat pig. And why should they? She's coarse, vulgar and rude. Not to mention shameless and completely ignorant of social manners and inconsiderate of a person's feelings.


I found out that someone I know and don't really like is dating someone who I also know and don't really like. The stupid thing is, they've just met. I don't really know what I'm trying to say here. It's probably best to shut up, but it's just very very disturbing. And then there's the whole race issue that they're playing up. Oh please, just grow up already. If you're supposedly in love, then what do race and religion really matter.


Lets get drunk and ride around
And make peace with an empty town
We can make it right

I hope that we'll never be pulled apart. Even if we won't be as close as before, I'd still like to have you as a friend. We once promised each other that we'd always be there for each other, no matter what. I'd like to keep my end of it. I hope you will too.


I just realized something. I like slim guys. Not skinny, mind you. Just on the lanky and ever so slender side. I realize that I sound like a total airhead right now, but there you go. BB says I like guys who're like me; tall and skinny. And with dark eyes and hair. Haha. I don't like emo that much, but artistic guys are always welcome. What she says is kinda true though. I always fall for guys who're like that. And the kind of guys I don't go for - posers, self-absorbed dumbasses, shorter guys and perverts - are the kind I attract without even trying. I know some guys just can't help being short(er than me), but I'm not into dating below my height. My boyfriend has got to be at least 5"11. Or taller. I'm 5"9, so I'd like to have some leeway should I ever get the urge to wear heels. Kitten heels, cause I can't stand in anything higher. Not even to save my life.

I'll make an exception if you're a billionare or something. Then you can stand on your wallet. Hahaha geddit?

I love being lame sometimes.