Poetically Pathetic

At the moment, I have temporarily become Kini, Queen of the Grumpy Pigs and Couch Potatoes. I feel like sleeping the whole day away, and my head is throbbing with the intensity of a thousand hamsters simultaneously hurling themselves against the walls of their cage. Replace the words their cage with D's skull and you might begin to understand what I mean. Aspirin, my friend, aspirin.


Don't you just hate it when the bleeping sales are on but you can't shop because a) you are incapicitated and must rest in bed the whole day to prevent yourself from fainting as you battle with aggressive old ladies who coincidentally want the same items that you do and b) your parents have decided to teach you life lesson no. 582 - all shop and no save makes D a poor girl - although you could probably learn it later in adulthood? Maybe by yourself. Because we all know that experience is the only way to learn things properly.


5 Things D Does That May Be Deemed Strange, Insane or Just Plain Lame (You May Also Find Them Interesting)

1. Sometimes a song comes on in my head that is just too good to enjoy placidly. When I'm in school and this occurs, three things may happen - a) I tap my feet and drum on the table along to the rhythm, b) I hum or sing the words, loud enough to elicit a giggle/smile/knowing smirk from my friends and eye-rolling/tuts/tongue lashings from my teachers, or c) I dance around in the classrooms and headbang in the hallways.

Occasionally, I do all three at once. Haha. Love me.

2. Type on imaginary keyboards and play imaginary pianos while people are talking. Unconciously. This one is freaky, I know. I think it happens when I'm bored and day-dreaming. Friends and family often point this out, and I rarely realize that I've been making a fool of myself in public.

3. I read while eating. All the time. And I carry books around, everywhere. Anywhere. Even to weddings (although I rarely get chances to read them there).

4. I hate cold weather, and sometimes when it's particularly chilly outside and inside, I hop into bed with a good book and a hairdryer. So stupid sounding, I know. But I'm too lazy to get a hot water bag for myself, and the heater's dead. So a hairdryer is the only thing keeping me from frostbite. I feel cold really easily, so I'm always asking people to turn off the air-conditioning in class. As usual, no one listens, and I end up shivering in my seat. I the end, someone either turns the stupid thing off, or they all give me their blazers. Usually the latter.

5. Putting my hair up, then letting it down, then forcing it up again before yanking it back down. It's a never-ending cycle of hair pulling and agony. Happens during exams and particularly stressful situations. As you can see, stress makes me inclined to scalp myself. So far, nothing major (or minor) has happened to my precious hair. But since my finals are coming up, I should probably buy a wig. Or two.


I heard that eating peanut butter could be hazardous to your health. Is that really true? It supposedly causes cancer. There goes my peanut butter and chocolate sundae.


It's also my darling PP's birthday today. HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY! I love you to bits.


I do hope I get a new laptop soon. I've already got my eye on something. I think I prefer the ones with wider screens. They're much nicer.


I know big girls don't cry, but I'm still a little girl. Haha. You know you love me, W.


I Wish We Could All Win

Far away, I feel your beating heart
All alone, beneath the crystal stars
Staring into space, what a lonely face
I'll try to find my place with you


I think it is really really sweet when guys try to include you in things they do eventhough you're really hopeless at them. It makes me feel better when that happens. Sometimes when I'm really really sick and tired of hanging with the girls (and the guys!) in my group, I'll go over to F and S.

I'm not one of those people who feel the need to cling to people who I know but hate, just because there's no one else around. The other day, I hung out with my brother, DY, CP and KF. Just because I wanted to. The other option would have been a day with J and her gang. Hahaha no. Hanging out with the boys is a much better option, thank you very much. Sure they may be immature and a bit harsh, but they're hilariously funny. And they look out for me. Well, kinda. They're not judgemental and bitchy though, and that's the best part.

Back to F and S. I think I've mentioned F and his Take Your Hands Off My Girl solo during our lectures. We're okay, F and I. We laugh together, we crack stupid jokes. We even copy off each other during class sometimes. But S and I haven't really clicked that well before. He was a little quiet and moody. I'd always thought he wouldn't want to talk to me, Little Miss Laugh Out Loud For Absolutely No Reason.

But just a few weeks ago, S and I were kinda thrown together during a class. And after the initial small talk, we just became friends. He's not that bad a person. Sometimes we channel our inner geek by solving extremely hard Sudoku puzzles or playing Hangman together. He makes jokes sometimes, and I joke back. It is very nice indeed to have a new friend to hang out with when I don't feel like being with the same old people. He doesn't hesitate to tell me when I'm being lame and throws whatevers at me faster than I can laugh. I feel like a little kid when I'm with him - he gives the most convincing disapproving looks around.


Miss W's wedding was amazing! Miss I looked gorgeous, but we didn't even recognize her when we were signing the arrival list. Miss W's dress was super poofy, but she was really pretty. I took so many pictures with everyone that my face hurt from smiling. Well, not that many. But we had to hold a pose for so long that my smirk was permanently plastered on my face.

And I wore red. It was a bit revealing, and I had to wear a cami under it. I had a great time. W and N were there, as well as P and JN. J and M were at another table. Whee! And C didn't even show up. Oh how the good times just fly. W didn't have any wine (neither did I), but he was really tipsy. He kept pointing out the most random things to me, and not all of them were pure and innocent sounding. For someone with such an innocent face, he sure has a twisted mind. And N hid behind me when we entered the hall. God, I love those two. Speaking of two, P and JN nearly left their gift behind. Thankfully, their driver was nearby to save the day.


I need to go shopping really soon! I think I'll die of boredom if I don't. My dad's being super emo all of a sudden and won't let me go out anywhere. It's not his fault though. My mom hasn't been well lately and he's had to cope with a lot of stress. But, I've been helping, or trying to anyway. I cook and clean. I do hope that's enough.


M's almost definitely in love with W. So, she hates seeing me with him. During our Physics practical, W chose to pair up with me, which really pissed her off. So, for the whole experiment (she ended up right next to us), she kept calling W my boyfriend and pointing out how cute we looked together. Oh please. Like I haven't heard that before. If only she knew the truth. M and C should just keep their big mouths shut. W bitched about C all the way back to class, and I just laughed. They think they're so well liked. Haha losers .

I do hope I do well in my pre-trials . I've done well in the recent mid-terms, so it may not be merely wishful thinking. My tutor thinks I have the potential to score straight A*'s, and I pray that she's right. I need that scholarship.


My granny's back from Texas. At least I think it's Texas. I can't remember. Sue me. I love my granny.


Larger than the moon, my love for you
Worlds collide as heaven pulls us through
The secret of the world is written in the stars
I'm carrying your heart in mine

I just can't stop smiling.


Pinky and the Thumb

Hahahahaha I am a mermaid.

Please, no applause needed. Just keep reading.

Water with Air

Astrologically associated with Pisces and the Twelfth House

Mermaid types are warm and caring in a passive, receptive way. They are given to daydreaming and to contemplation, a combination that can make them seem curiously absent and fey. They are among the most unworldly of all the types. Despite this they have a strong ability for clear, rational thinking that can be startling. They seem to have a deep, intuitive understanding of the oneness of the universe. They have a desire to help the world at large and are acutely aware of and sensitive to suffering. This is partly because they do not recognize the customary boundaries between people, other living things, time, space, this world and the Otherworld. They are frequently psychic. They can be brilliantly original and highly creative. They are usually regarded by others as benign eccentrics or as plain weird.

Yes, that's me. Plain weird. Actually, I would say that this test has probably come the closest to describing me out of all the crappy personality quizzes I've ever taken. Not that it's 100% correct, of course. But still, it's pretty impressive for a silly little thingamajig that doesn't even know me personally.

Well done online magical quiz. I salute your remarkable insight and wit. Now if only you could tell me what I should wear to that bloody wedding.


Something Happy This Way Comes

My friends don't get me.

So D, what are you wearing to Ms. W's wedding dinner?
Well no duh, but seriously, what are you wearing?
I think I'll wear a dress. Probably.
Which one?
Dunno. I'll have to go shopping and see.
What?! Don't you have like a gazillion dresses?
None of them are really suitable.
How about that striped one you wore for the gala?
Are you kidding?! I can't wear that! Everyone's seen me in it!

I don't think I'm spoiled, but I am not into the idea of wearing something that I've worn before to something this big. I mean, if it was a picnic or something, then big deal. But this is a wedding! A wedding!

I hope the cake'll be nice.


Since I am such an uber dork too, I went to a book sale! Cheap does not even come close to describing the prices. But it'll do. I got tons of books, and I am so happy I could burst.


I shall go poach an egg right now. Then, I shall ponder upon the most difficult of questions. What to wear to the wedding?! Red, I think. And no, I shall be wearing something old. But I do hope no one's seen me in it before.