Klyde Kink-Aid

I am so so happy I could scream! Actually I just did. Hmm... I must stop doing this in public. And laughing like a homicidal maniac as well. It gives people a terrible first impression. Or does it? Heehawheehaw no stop it but this is really the way I laugh. Not! F laughs like this. And I love F. So I love donkey style laughter. He does it so well, braying is now so sexy. Pfft...

I keep digressing. You see, I haven't told you why I am happy. And here is why. I just got like six new freaking Sherlock Holmes books! Which were not written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but that is not the point. It is by some random dude who writes in the same style. I don't care. Mysteries are mysteries. And one of the books is not a Sherlock Holmes book, but is by P.D. James. That name sounds familiar. That might not be a good thing. Do you realize that I sound like a retarded 7 year old? Yeah...

I actually snuck into the shop to buy three of the books. Seventy bucks! So so expensive. Not that they're not worth it, no. But seriously. Seventy bucks! That is never a good thing. Except for now. Yes, I enjoy contradicting myself. Try it, it is fun. No it isn't. But it kind of is. Not! Yes I shall stop. Or will I really? Of course. I am irritating myself.


BB brought up this issue with me, and I shall address it right here. She asked me, " What do you think about people who TyPe LiKe ThIs? " I suspect she was just saying that to rile me up for the fun of it, because it has always been obvious how I feel about this. Let me say this really really clearly. I hate it when I see anything, and I mean anything being typed like this.

Sometimes while looking through websites, mostly blogs, I see posts like this. " ToDaY wAs ThE bEsT dAy Of My LiFe BeCaUsE i BoUgHt TeN tHoUsAnD mIlLiOn BiLlIoN dReSsEs! OmGgGgGgGgGg! " Please know that when I typed that, it took me two whole minutes as opposed to the ten seconds it took me to type the same sentence as I would normally. And then delete it.

In a way, I respect and admire such people. They not only have the guts to make themselves look stupid in the face of the world, but they also have the time, patience and skill needed to perform this irritating task. But then, doing so makes whatever you type so freaking hard to read! Or maybe it's just my eyes that can't adjust to crap like this. However, it still looks dumb. DuMb. See? It makes the word dumb look even more stupid. StUpId.


In other news, I am currently wasting my time by not studying for my exams. And yes, these are important exams. Please do not sneer at your computer screen and say, " Oh, D isn't studying because she's already so smart and knows everything. That's why she's trying to show off. " Wrong! I am a natural procrastinater, and am so deeply ingrained with the habit that I find it unbearably hard to prevent myself from not doing so. And by doing so I mean lolling about aimlessly and further spoiling my eyesight by attempting to read all the six books I bought at once. ' But how can you do nothing and do something at the same time?' you ask. Ah, my friend, you then are not born to waste time. You will amount to something in your life. You have a future. Don't understand what I mean? Neither do I.


Mother's Day was good. Daddy and I spent like loads on some stuff that loudly proclaims its ability to take ten years off your skin. Yeah right I wasn't born yesterday. But we gave it the benefit of the doubt, so the lady wrapped it up prettily for us. I wanted some of that skin moisturiser that costs like a bomb but smells really good. However, I didn't want to be some spoiled kid leeching too much of Daddy's money, and I walked away sadly. Sadly!

Gee oh Golly how happy I'd be!
If only Daddy would give me more money!

Yes, I love the green stuff. Beautiful beautiful money is the stuff of my dreams.


I am currently really really angry with someone because he's hurt my brother in a way that I cannot forgive. I hate it when people do things to my family. He's really in for it because N's taking away his probation. Do not, I repeat, do not challenge someone, especially when said someone is the brother of your senior's best friend. He's also on the list for expulsion, and I shall use all my influence to see that he gets it.

Bye bye sad little boy.


Endlessly, She Said

BB's exams have begun, and I'm worried for her. Still, she's super smart, so I know she'll be able to do it. A*'s all the way, baby! I really do hope she aces all her subjects. Sadly, she'll prolly be gone after them, in a month or so. That's not a very nice thing to think about right now. So I'm just gonna focus on my exams, which are next week.

Next week.

Surprisingly, I've already started studying, so maybe I'll get better marks this time. Keyword : maybe. I'm unpredictable and have a short term memory. You can't get any more forgetful than me. Seriously. I'm actually starting to doubt myself again.


I would like people to stop worrying about me. I'm fine, I swear it. It's not as if I'm going to break apart just because something bad happens. I do cry easily, yes. But I'm not the kind to fall down and stay there on the floor. I'm not going to let this ruin my life. By the way, who said that we were fighting? We're still friends. Just not as close as before.


My brother X can be really nice sometimes. I was sick today and so he walked me down to the pay-phone so we could call mommy. It was nice to leave school early for a change. I've been spending too much time there. And somehow, I doubt that I would have enjoyed staying for biology. J, M and C would have been there, and I can't take anymore shit from them. N's always on the move, and I hate hate asking her to stay back just to make me feel better.

I'm sorry I've been so pissy lately. PMS is part of it, sad to say. I'm cramping up really really badly which is odd because I almost never ever. Maybe it's something I ate?

But I've been going through so much stuff lately, so my mood has been swinging back and forth rapidly. Sometimes I'm hyper and happy. Sometimes I'm just irritable and depressed. I snapped at N. I snapped at N. I never snap at people I love. I feel like such a bitch. I know she understands and bears no grudge, but I feel horrible.

This is all our fault.

I'm so having retail therapy this weekend. Right after I hit the choral-speaking competition with P and JN. Hope that V's going too. Then I won't be so left out. The only bad thing is that C, DM and R are going. N's busy. So's W. Or is he really? I think he's just lazy. Now all I have to do is break the news to my parents. I don't think they're going to like sending me to school on a weekend. It's usually when we go real-estate hunting and look at property. Yes, my life is boring. My parents probably wish that I took more interest in the stock-market. I'm sorry, but shares or whatever they are confuse me.


I'm hungry.
And sleepy.
Come to think of it, I'm always sleepy. Like, really really sleepy. I doze off all the time. On the way to school. On the way from school. In school. I love to sleep. I live to sleep.


Something he said.
Every little girl is a princess.

Something I said.
Every princess is a little girl.

Because we can't all be princesses and wait for our Prince Charming. They never live up to the fairytales. Call me bitter, but it's true. Besides, who wants a guy that pretty? Give me Jonathan Rhys Meyers any day. Or would you call him pretty?


The pool in our school is so sad. Sad in the way that no one here really likes to swim. Give us a choice between running around on the hot muddy field or swimming in the cool clear water and we pick - the field! It's too much of a hassle to change, and all those wet swimsuits are a burden to carry. Stuffing them in our lockers is risky - what if we forget to bring them home?!


F is a great guy. He'll shake his head when I make lame jokes. Smile when I make stupid faces. Laugh when I do my letters of the alphabet gimmick. It's sad that we'll never have the chance to be good friends. He actually puts up with me when I'm in my random hyper mode, so that's impressive. He even sang me that Good Charlotte song so I wouldn't get bored during that stupid math lecture. I was cracking up the whole time, but it was the thought that counts. Now how nice is that?


SAT's freak me out. Like seriously. How do you ace them? How do you freaking ace them? Cause I know I can't.


Do you think I post too much at one go? I mean, I know I'm random, but am I too random? I don't know, so you'll probably need to say something about that. I've actually started separating the different things I'm talking about with hearts. Hahaha. I feel really really girlified now. Actually in my group, I'm known as the girliest. Which is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. But then, neither W or V are girls. And N and P are very tomboyish. So I understand.

I think I should stop now. I think I will stop now.


Clear Liquor and Cloudy Eyed

And from the bar room floor we are a celebration.
One good stretch before our hibernation.
Our dreams assured and we all will sleep well, sleep well.
Sleep well, sleep well, sleep well.

You have stolen,
You have stolen,
You have stolen my heart.

Dear heart. It was a beautiful time while it lasted. I wish it didn't had to end this way, but it's too late to turn back. Maybe now we can finally get on with our lives. I wish you the very best in everything you do.

You know I still love you.


Rook Pawns Knight

Oh D, why on earth are you blogging at this hour? Don't you have a Physics exam to study for? On things you don't even know because you were too busy napping in class. Just goes to show you, I am the worst student ever. Actually, I think so. But none of the teachers do. They never seem to catch me sleeping, doing homework or chatting in class. Even when I'm the one sitting right in front! Freaky. Everyone else agrees. Those at the back who're just whispering to each other are scolded. Maybe my squeaky high pitched voice is at a frequency too high to hear. Or maybe just for ancient ears. Haha.

Five random facts about me, just because P asked.

1. My fingers were voted most freaky/flexible by my class. Because I can bend them in the weirdest ways. Except all the way back. And they curve in different directions too.

2. I cannot stand garlic, ginger and onion. I don't know why. Once upon a time, my mom used to say I was okay with them. But as long as I can remember, I've always hated them. I pick them out of every and any dish. Pasta. Risotto. Whatever. If there's any of these three horrors inside, you can bet I won't take a bite until every last fragment is out.

3. At times, I get nightmares for a long long period. Take now for example. It's been lasting for, I don't know, two months. They come and go. Mostly about death, murder, being chased, being alone, family problems and school. And if I talk about them to someone else, they'll shudder. I guess most of them are pretty creepy, but I've gotten kinda used to it. Not all though. Once in a while, a dream will pop up that scares me so bad, I cry. But not always. BB said that if anyone else could see or have my dreams, they'd die of fright. However, do not mistake me for a mentally ill person. I just worry too much, and it shows in my dreams. I am not likely to turn into a basket case, regardless of the dream.

4. Hmm... I don't know how to describe this really, but I'll try. Okay, sometimes I buy really really nice clothes, but I won't wear them. I hoard them, saving them for a special occassion. I know it's stupid and wasteful, but it doesn't always happen. Besides, some clothes should be savoured slowly, not worn all the time. And once I wear that article of clothing, it becomes a staple in my daily wear. In fact, I'll wear it like once a week, every week.

5. This one is kinda embarassing, but I'll have to let it out sooner or later, so here goes. Sometimes, I act like a complete idiot just so other people won't think that I'm a smart-ass. I've been singled out for torture because people thought I was showing off. So, I'll just pretend not to know the answer to things, or go "huh" or "what" at times. In fact, I've gotten so used to it, I do it without thinking. I've recently learned that it was a stupid thing to do, and now I'm trying to correct myself. The really dumb thing though, was that it didn't work. No one bought it after a while, mainly because our results came out.

I really hope that the exam is cancelled. And I need to study for my literature because I am sure it is going to kill me if I don't. I bloody need an A*!


BB is leaving soon. I've got something planned for you. Hahaha you'll never find out. Until I spring it on you, that is.

And why have I gotten so bloody lousy at chess? I blame the sun. And that impromptu 200-meter dash I did. So stupid. Running is really not my thing. I go for long long walks instead. And play handball. Violent and fun. Hooray!

Just like me
They long to be
Close to you

The book sale was a success! Fifteen books, or so I think. Well, give or take, more or less. Maybe fourteen, but I digress. Books, glorious books! That Oliver Twist. Seriously though, I love sales. And books. So book sales are love times two and infinity. I got my mysteries, and that always makes me happy. And why am I blogging like Numbers and all her bimbo friends? Why? Who cares?

Am I really the only person who likes Susanna Gregory's "Matthew Bartholomew Chronicles"? Because they're really good books. And after reading Laura Lippman's "Charm City", I have this overwhelming desire to end every sentence I speak or type with a question mark? I should be killed for this?

I am really sleepy now? That and I need to study? Oh well, I can always wake up two hours earlier? Bye?

Seriously, just shoot me?