Sylvia Plath

Psychology escapes me. I love the subject, but sometimes I just can't get it. But it helps that it's interesting, no? Math is still my favourite though. Numbers and numbers. Getting stuff right in Math always makes me feel smart.

I promised my mom that I'd spend the weekend clearing out my room, but I haven't even started. She thinks I have too much stuff, I think I have too little. Come on! My bookshelves are full, and I've had to keep some of the books under my bed. She doesn't believe me when I say that it's because the shelves are too narrow and I only have three bookcases. Not enough!

My daddy wants to build this super awesome library in our house, and I can't wait. Books from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Hahaha. I know I'll go crazy if that ever does happen. I'd love shopping for new books. More more more!

My essay got chosen, so it's gonna be sent in. PV was not happy about it, cause he attempted to copy my style of writing and still failed. Too bad. But he wanted to be selected so badly, and now there's major beef between us. Loser! You're supposed to write from your own heart, not mine. Serves you right. It's not my fault Mrs. SY hated it.

18 pairs of earrings! Ohmygosh, I have never had this many in my life. My mom is awesome at times. I like the ones that look like suns, and the whales. Pretty. While we're at things I like, there's soy milk. It's yummy. And I like cheese, but you knew that. Potatoes, especially when they're chips (fries) or baked. Not too fond of mashed and potato wedges. I don't like boiled potatoes as well. Julienned is okay. I guess mashed is okay too, as long as there's no garlic.

People really should mind their own business. W and I are not a couple, thank you very much. Of course I love him, but you know that it's in a sisterly kind of way. There's no need for you to go aww... everytime you see us together, is there? I wonder what would happen if they'd seen us hugging that day. I bet they'd have gone postal. " OH LOOK! W AND DD ARE MAKING OUT!! HOW CUTE!!!" Yeah. They would have.

I love W. He reminds me of Hiro from Heroes in a way. So does my Math teacher. Coincidence? I think not. Haha. Masi Oka is love.


Champagne Supernova

My cousin is growing up into the biggest bitch ever. Look, if you want to pick a fight with me, then have some guts. Don't attack me in front of our family, where you know I won't say anything. Do it when we're alone. Then you'll see that your tongue isn't as sharp as you think it is, fat-ass! You're just lucky you're younger than me, or else I would have bitch-slapped you regardless of who was watching. Screw you!

I'm having a bad day.

BB's gonna be leaving school soon. I don't know what I should be feeling yet. BB and I have been best buddies for almost 5 years, and it's gonna suck to go to lunch and not see her. I wish I could follow her to college, but it's not my time yet. Sigh. It sucks being the little kid of the bunch sometimes. I want to do something huge for her before she leaves, and I'd better start thinking.

Why does everyone I care for go away?

Cause people believe that they're
Gonna get away for the summer
But you and I, we live and die
The world's still spinning around
We don't know why
Why why why why

I know I whine about school all the time - how I hate it, how much work I have, yadda yadda yadda. But I don't want to graduate. I don't want the exams to come (duh!). I don't want to run off to college so fast. But most of all, I know I'll miss all the great people there. Actually, just BB (who's already leaving!), N, P and W. The four of them are my shoulders to cry on, they laugh with me when I'm high and they've always had my back. Even when I've did some pretty stupid things, they stood by me. I wonder if I'll ever be lucky enough to find friends like them again.

I lovelovelove you guys so effing much!

Thanks for being there, BB. High school will never ever be the same without you. We'll see each other really soon, I know it.



Open Heart Surgery

Exams are over! My iTunes are chock full of new tunes to blast. The only things missing are the sales and my puppy. Darn it. They're always not around when I need them. The sales, I mean. My precious should be coming home in a week. She's off on a holiday of her own. Lucky girl.

My results should be coming out soon, and I think I've done pretty well. I better have if I expect to stay in my class. And I've already started scoping around for a college. I might be skipping it though, and headed straight for uni. I've been told to do so, and I'm considering.

Yesterday was one of the most boring days I've ever spent in school. I don't even know how I managed to keep awake the whole time. It was nice to just relax on the way back in the bus. I can't believe it, but I kind of bonded with DM. She's someone I don't think very highly of. And I'm sure the feeling's mutual. But somehow, it was kind of fun to chat with her. Haha. Weird, I know. I think I kind of like this whole making new friends thing.

Yesterday was also the day I met the world's biggest bitches. Oh, how I hate them. Their lips and tongues waggle, words drop out of their mouths like a waterfall of curses and insults. Someone should give them a taste of their own medicine. Bitch, please.

My cookies turned out nicely, but I might be allergic to mustard. You see, I haven't eaten mustard in years, mainly because I don't eat hot dogs. So, I had no idea I couldn't stand them. But then the other day, after making these cheese snaps with like two teaspoons of mustard, I tried one and got sick. Really sick. We're talking migraines and major nausea here. I passed out for a while. How out of it was I? I slept for like 12 hours. Nightmares and lots of rolling around. Woke up in a sweat, and decided to throw out the whole batch. No more mustard. Ever.

Is this the start of something deadly? I hope not.

I'm trying really really hard to like the Mountain Goats. But the songs are kind of whiny. Maybe more effort is needed? On the other hand, Bee and Flower is definitely my kind of thing. Dark and deep pop is, in the words of Napoleon Dynamite, sweet. Did I mention that I also love Napoleon Dynamite?

Napoleon is drawing a weird animal when Deb comes over.

D: What're you drawing?
ND: A liger.
D: What's a liger.
ND: It's pretty much my favourite animal, a lion and a tiger mixed.

Napoleon and Pedro are looking at a suit for the dance.

ND: Pedro, how do you feel about that one?
P: It looks nice.
ND: Yeah, it looks pretty sweet. Looks awesome. It's...it's...it's incredible.

I know they may not seem that funny, but they are. You just have to watch the movie to understand what I mean. Napoleon has this freakishly retarded look on his face 24-7, and it reminds me of someone else I know. Sorry, that came out wrong.

Please someone, buy me a new lappy!


Nature of The Experiment

Got to study, but the Net is too tempting. So many things to see, so many websites to visit. Must control self. No.

6 pairs of earrings in a day. That's a record. But I lovelovelove them, so they're worth it. So pretty. Haha, I sound like a 12 year old. Or Mary-Kate Olsen. If you don't get it, then it's ok. I don't really get it either.

I'd like a haircut, and soon. I wonder if I should get bangs and/or layer my hair. I don't really care, actually. I just want something that I can wash and go. I couldn't be bothered with sitting under a hair-dryer for 15 minutes every morning. It's got to be short too. Long hair is a drag, and it's so hard to manage. Which goes to show how utterly lazy I can be about things at times. Seriously though, I'm obsessive when it comes to washing my hair. Which is why I take so long in the shower. But with shorter hair, I could probably shave off 10 minutes. I could have lunch during that time. Fantastic.



I've got exams, so I don't think I'll be coming online much. So, there'll probably be no posts for a while. That's right, you can all cheer.

I love you
You love me
Barney gave us HIV

I can't remember where I read that, but it cracked me up. Although I wonder if it really does have some twisted background to it. Hmm... Maths is good. It's my favourite period, besides Lunch. Which to me, should be considered a subject. How do you squeeze past the endless lines of people jostling to buy greasy chips and watery soup just so you can get your apple juice? So many observations. So much to learn.

Is it possible to fall in love with someone just by listening to their voice? I didn't think it was, but I've been proven wrong. How unfortunate for me that he's married. And a little too old for me. But just slightly. Sigh. I'll just have to hold out for someone else. BB, it's not who you think it is. His voice sucks. I know I like people who can sing and all, but that's not all I'm looking for, FYI. Brains count for something, idiot. I wouldn't date you if you were the last person on earth.

W sucks ass. Literally. Or at least, he wants to try. Sigh. That boy, he can never get anything quite right.