The Indifference Curve

thanks for being material

I don't know if it's just me, but are the clothes nowadays just getting too darn expensive? Exhibit A; I was looking at some clothes, and found a nice sweater dress. I would have purchased it, had it not been for the price; 200 bucks. What on earth are these clothes made of? What precious material is worth so much? Gold? Gossamer? Moonbeams? Yeah, right. Try a cotton and polyester blend.

Exhibit B; I just heard that an acquaintance of mine, Z, has just purchased a pair of outfits that cost over a thousand bucks each. Or was it the combined cost of both? Nevertheless, don't you think that a thousand bucks is an exorbitant price to pay for clothes that you know you're going to wear once or twice in your life, and then grow out of.
Being a teenage girl myself, I understand why shopping is so addictive. There are times when I'm tempted to grab all the latest designs on the racks and bolt for the cashier. But, unlike most of the girls I know, I actually check the price. Then, I ask myself why I need or want it. If I can come up with a logical explanation (which seldom happens), I'll consider buying it. And even if I do have an excuse to buy it, I feel guilty when I see the price tag. Money doesn't fall from the sky, and my parents are the ones who worked for their money. So, in the end, most of the items I like stay where they were.

Many of my friends come from high society, and their parents earn big bucks. Naturally, the kids have an "obligation" to spend their parents' money. So, they go out and buy whatever their hearts desire. These range from the latest gadgets in the market (boys must have their toys), to outfits from high end clothing lines (shop till you drop). But what I can never understand is, don't they feel even the slightest bit guilty for spending so much of their parents' hard earned money in one swoop?

Judging from the way they shop, I guess not.


If I Could Close My Eyes

everything would be beautiful

I guess it's when big things happen, that we start to value the little things in life more. I've always wondered how people can do such cruel and vile things to others. How can you kill someone, take their life from them, and go on living? Don't you ever think about their family? What they must be feeling? If you were killed, I'm sure your family would grieve for you. Perhaps if we put ourselves in someone else's shoes, we'd be less inclined to do bad things.

But would you kill someone else, to save the life of someone you care deeply about? Especially if the person you loved, had done something very bad? I'd probably say no, but then again. I've never actually been in such a situation. And hopefully I never shall be. Knock on wood. I must admit that I pity those in such a predicament. Imagine having to choose between two things, both very important. In the end, it all comes down to whichever you think is worth more. And that is never a good thing.

Okay, I have no idea why I'm thinking of such gruesome things. Probably because I've just watched a documentary describing a plane hijacking. And it got me thinking even more. Why do people go to such extremes for their religion? I mean, come on, which religion teaches you to do bad things in order to prove your faith? Maybe some really misguided one, but the rest don't, I'm sure. If you really loved your religion, you wouldn't be killing innocent people. It doesn't prove that your religion is better. It just proves that you're an idiot, and if there's a hell, you'll definitely be going to it.


Curious Feeling of Falling

and if you fall, will you get up?

Walking around in the bookstore the other day, I saw a poster that made me squeal with glee, much to the amusement to those passing by. The last book in A Series of Unfortunate Events had finally arrived! It was a bit disappointing that it didn't have a nicer name ( The End ), but still, it was the final book!

I know many people who find the books childish, boring, and even tasteless. My best friend has yet to understand my minor obsession with these books. However, these books have enchanted me, even more so than the Harry Potter books ( the last one was a disappointment! ). They're humourous and witty, laced with dark humour and tragedy. Actually, I find it hard to pinpoint the exact thing that draws me to them.

In the beginning, when the books first came out, I was not attracted to them at all. The covers were beautiful, but I was always buying other books. ( I regret to admit that when I was younger, I actually loved the books in the teenage girl section, and not the good kind either). But somehow, I bought one of the books, and to my surprise and delight, I loved it! Ever since then, I slowly and steadily started collecting these books.

So having purchased the entire series, I obviously intended to complete my collection by buying the last book. However, looking at the price, I nearly cracked my head open on the tiled floor. Though I can't remember the price, I do recall it being way more expensive than the other books. Sighing sadly, I resigned myself to buying less costly books.

Oh, and I just remembered that there's an accompaniment to the series; The Beatrice Letters. I hope to get that book as well, but seeing that the price of books nowadays is sky high, I doubt that'll happen soon. Unless of course, someone decides to buy some early Christmas presents for me. Or, if the price drops. Fat chance of either of these happening, I know. But hey, I can always dream, can't I?

update : I got the book! The Beatrice Letters, I mean. Yay for early Christmas presents! I felt too guilty to get the other book. My parents had to shell out like 80 bucks for one book. I feel like such a spoiled brat now. But hey, I read and love all my books, so no harm done, right? Eep.


Water is the Colour of My Dreams

cold cold water surrounds me now, and all i've got is your hand

One of my greatest fears, is water. When I was little, I loved the water. In fact, I used to beg my parents to take me swimming almost every day. I used to pretend that I was a mermaid, guarding her secret hoard of pearls, flitting about in the water like a fish. Once, I even tried to breathe underwater. Soon after being dragged out of the pool by my screeching parents, I learnt my lesson.

But when I set foot into my tween years, I began to realize that a weird and sudden change had come upon me. I was afraid of the water. Weekly trips to the pool became hours of torture. I refused to set foot into the deep end of the pool, and stuck to the sides of the pool like Velcro. And soon, swimming lessons were a thing of the past.

Ever since then, water has always scared me. Especially deep and dark water. Be it pools, rivers, marshes, swamps, oceans and even bathtubs; I hate them all. And watching documentaries about alligators, crocodiles and sharks on the Discovery Channel hasn't exactly lessened my fear. Everytime I see a river or an ocean, I imagine these creatures lurking below, just waiting to tear apart anything that dares to venture into the water. Creepy. Even thinking about water now scares me. To be honest, some of my scariest nightmares have included nothing more than me and a swimming pool. A deep, dark, bottomless swimming pool that keeps pulling me down. And that is enough encouragement for me to stay awake for at least a few more hours, lest I dream about it again tonight.

Thankfully, I'm not too afraid of water to drink it. If not, I imagine life would be pretty tough to live. I wonder if there's such a thing as H20 supplements? Hah, I wish.

This Is How It's Done

Third time's the charm, right?