I Should Live In Salt


the worst joke in the world ended with “luggage, not baggage”
or maybe that came in the middle, i can’t remember
because how do you sieve a brain for the things you want
and the things you shouldn’t?
if i could
i’d push you through the mesh
to strain the sad out of me



9 Crimes

the 365th, for a boy with heavy eyes

can't channel your heat away
slipping into secret nuques
that corner of your face
catching on yellowed light
baby we're sand grain memories
filling up more than we seem
glass jar brown boxed it's still
pockets in mouth
rabbit fenced borders
for the words you say to me
only me only me only me
northbridge is the span of a torn
shoelace, lavender blood
this is an ocean i won't drink from


Wonderful Tonight

broken strap!

this purse was supposed to last me throughout the month, or year, if you're funny like that. the candy apple red satchel/backpack hybrid i'm currently lugging around just begs for schoolgirl bunches and knee socks. neither of which are a feasible option at the moment - cue short hair and summer.

but oh! the love of my life is the yipyap-iest sheltie in the world and i get served dinner in bed every night so come on, get happy.

will write soon, or hopefully some time after the world ends.

postscript: snapshot from the (2nd!) most isolated city in the world. home is where no one else is.